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History Povinelli Knife Sharpening was founded by Nicolo Povinelli in 1964 and by the mid eighties he was joined by his son Paul. After Nicolo’s retirement Paul took over the running of the business and was then joined by a new member of the team, Rob Ragazzo.

The knife sharpening business has continued with the same tradition as first started in the mid sixties – being professional, personal and reliable. Our clients vary from 5 star hotels, Michelen star restaurants, west end hotels to small local restaurants and cafes (see testimonials). Locations vary all over the south east of England.

No longer solely concentrating on Knife Sharpening, we have recently expanded into professional kitchen knife sales, kitchen equipment sales, cookware sales and kitchen equipment & machinery repairs, all available to purchase directly and securely from our website

London Grinder's AssociationPovinelli Products are proud members of the London Grinder's Association, a body that ensures the high quality of knife sharpening amongst its members today, as it has done for the last 40 years.

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Flat Blade Flat Blade £79.20
Bonzer Kitchen Can Opener Bonzer Kitchen Can Opener £69.08
Black Case, Rosewood Handles Black Case, Rosewood Handles £648.00
Double Line Day Label Refills Double Line Day Label Refills £3.72
Heavy Duty Aluminium Frypan Heavy Duty Aluminium Frypan £14.78
Boning Knife Boning Knife £24.96
Premier gravity feed range slicers Premier gravity feed range slicers Contact for Pricing
Fimar Food Mincer :: 22RS & 32RS Fimar Food Mincer :: 22RS & 32RS Contact for Pricing
R4 Table Top Cutter R4  Table Top Cutter £1 446.00
Heavy Duty Aluminium Flared Saute Pan Heavy Duty Aluminium Flared Saute Pan £21.61
Apple Corer Apple Corer £6.95
Coarse serrated blade Coarse serrated blade £265.20
Use First Food Label Use First Food Label £3.84
3 Piece Chef's Set 3 Piece Chef's Set £216.00
Fine Serrated Blade Fine Serrated Blade £98.40
Small Chef's Case Small Chef's Case £548.16
Blue Label Tidy Blue Label Tidy £7.74
Bandsaw Blade 106" - 115" Bandsaw Blade 106 £7.08
Slicing Knife Slicing Knife £41.76
Dayless Dot Labels Dayless Dot Labels £3.90

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Povinelli Knife Sharpeners & Knife Sales
21 Vyner Road
London, W3 7LY

Tel: 07766 831330 / 07836 597630