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John Williams (MBE) - Executive Chef, The Ritz, LondonThe Ritz, London
Since Working at my last hotel, Claridges and my present location, The Ritz, I have continued to use the reliable and professional services of Povinelli Knife Sharpening.

Nigel Frost - Executive Chef, The Hilton Hotel MetropoleThe Hilton Hotel Metropole
We use Povinelli’s for knife sharpening and also a variety of other services including a large range of Victorinox knives.

Phil Howard – Chef Padron, The Square RestaurantThe Square Restaurant
Michelin star restaurants require Michelin star service.

Henry Brosi – Executive Chef, The Dorchester Hotelthe Dorchester Hotel
For the last twenty years I have required the professional reliable service for on the spot knife sharpening, Povinelli Knife Sharpening have provided me with this.

Chris and Jeff Galvin - Chef / Owners, Galvin Bistro & Windows Hilton, Park Lane Galvin Bistro & Windows Hilton, Park Lane
We have used Povinelli Knife Sharpening services for many years in both our restaurants and shall continue to do so.

Lawrence Keogh – Head Cook, Roast RestaurantRoast Restaurant
Paul and I go back a long way (Junior School). He has always offered a reliable and personal service for many years. Good luck with the website!

Andy Barber, Head Chef - The Forge Restaurant, Covent Garden, London
After asking Povinelli's for a quote for a new machine, they suggested putting a new body on, hence saving us a considerable amount of money and the job was successfully turned around in four days. Many thanks.

Mark Brown, Head Chef - Joe Allens Restaurant, Covent Garden, London
I thought my only option was to buy a new mincer head when the threads had worn out. On speaking to Paul he took it upon himself to find somebody to re-thread the head, thus saving me 50% of the cost for a new one. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the mincer and the service he provided.

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Filleting Knife Filleting Knife £21.59
Coarse serrated blade Coarse serrated blade £116.40
CMP 300 Combi mixer CMP 300 Combi mixer £612.00
Paring Knife Paring Knife £11.52
Lemon Zester Lemon Zester £7.68
Rex Peeler Rex Peeler £2.40
Bonzer Kitchen Can Opener Bonzer Kitchen Can Opener £69.08
Dayless Dot Labels Dayless Dot Labels £3.90
Food Sample Label Food Sample Label £5.82
Bandsaw Blade 91" - 105" Bandsaw Blade 91 £6.84
Mini MP 160 VV variable speed stick blender Mini MP 160 VV variable speed stick blender £243.60
Omega Food Mincer :: TF32 Omega Food Mincer :: TF32 Contact for Pricing
Mainca Kitchen Bandsaw BM1800 Mainca Kitchen Bandsaw BM1800 Contact for Pricing
TBS Table Top Bandsaw :: SO1650/1860 TBS Table Top Bandsaw :: SO1650/1860 Contact for Pricing
Chef's Knife Chef's Knife £27.84
Boning Knife Boning Knife £17.76
Heavy Duty Aluminium Oval Frypan Heavy Duty Aluminium Oval Frypan £43.16
TBS Floor Standing Bandsaw :: SO2080/2460 TBS Floor Standing Bandsaw :: SO2080/2460 Contact for Pricing
Coarse serrated upper blade Coarse serrated upper blade £68.40
Fimar Kitchen Bandsaw SE1830 Fimar Kitchen Bandsaw SE1830 Contact for Pricing

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